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Benedikt Martini

I am an visual communication student from Germany and at the KHiO since August 2011. I used the final project to get deeper into the area of Information design; find out what information design is, why do you need it, what is the ambition to do it, what does it take to do good information design, what are common problems etc. and then work on own infographics. I wanted to gain more confidence in my work in that area.

The first part of this project was a long research on information design in general, different kinds, definitions, books, interesting people; theoretics or practics in that area, often occuring problems for example. After I had done the theoretical part I started with working on own infographics and collecting ones I did before this project. For me it was a learning process on doing different infographics on different topics to get more experience in that field but also to show what different forms a information design can be in or on how many different ways you can distribute the information. In the end this project is an experiment, theoretically and practically, on information Design.

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