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Bettina Strunk

I am Bettina Strunk from Mainz, Germany. During my exchange semester at KHiO I made several projects about Norway, its people and culture. My higher aim was to concern myself with the country as well as developing further as an illustrator by experimenting in the different facilities and studios. Here are two projects I made during the exam-period and a small animated video about the meat consumption in the world, which was a project I did in the beginning of the exchange-semester at KhiO.

Everyone is so busy – Fanzine

The original idea of this fanzine was to draw the people around me. I made many sketches of people, that passed me on the street accidentally or worked around me at school. But just showing the portraits seemed quite boring to me, especially after seeing the first 10 portraits. So I decided to develop concept. At that time everyone was already busy with doing the final exam project, mostly at the computer. I spent time with drawing the people around me while they were working really busy. So this finally became the main topic for my fanzine. Although a little bit humorously and sarcastic, the topic deals with the Norwegians and the situation around me and reflects the situation in the classroom.

Hvordan ble verden til? – How did the world begin? – illustrated book

This project is making a book out of the creation story of Norwegian mythology by Tor Åge Bringsværd. I chose it, because I find the mythology of Norway really interesting. Especially all the creatures like trolls, gods, Æsir etc. are really specific and typical for the country. Furthermore, the figurative and metaphorical language of the story is perfect for illustrations and makes it fun to visualize it within a book.

1 kg of meat – Animation

The animation is an informative film about the meat consumption and what effect it could have onto the world, if everyone eats 1kg beef less per year. It encourages people to think about their meat consumption and motivates to catch up more on this topic and thus to change the eating behaviour. I decided to do ananimation, because most people rather watch a film than reading difficult texts and the illustrations simplify the hardly imaginable facts.

Bettina Strunk Bettina Strunk Bettina Strunk Bettina Strunk Bettina Strunk