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Fabian Wohlfart

Hi my name is Fabian Wohlfart, I am an 23 years old exchange student from germany. Feel free to visit my website, see more work samples, and get in touch. I made three magazines dealing with the topic «disinterest» in different ways.

«39/127» is focusing of the disinterest of different people. I set up a list in the internet, where anybody could participate, asking for things the visiting person is really not interested in. 127 phrases of particular disinterest have been submitted. afterwards I illustrated the phrases in order of their submission date.

«we collect things #1» refers to my blog which I set up to collect/archive collections. I think through the method of a collection a single non-interesting-object becomes interesting.

«Time out for fun» is a platform for fun works, which, if not shown, get out of the interest-focus after a while.

Fabian Wohlfart Fabian Wohlfart Fabian Wohlfart Fabian Wohlfart